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Working for the future of jaguars, JAGUARS INTO THE WILD is an association committed to the development and implementation of new methods that help to leave the jaguar's footprint in the jungle, by working to aid in the return to its natural habitat, we want to see more and more jaguars in the Jungle.


"When the blood of your veins returns to the sea you will remember that this land does not belong to you, but you belong to it."

Sonya's passion is to observe behavior of these beautiful animals. "Watching them and analyzing every movement it is so fascinating to me! Capturing their moods, their run, their way of looking at me and everything about them makes my heart fullfiled, especially knowing that they are getting ready to be back in their natural habit. My heart is blooming."

It is her heart and mission to use her work to support these causes as greatly as possible; a charitable donation is made from the proceeds of all of her work.


The animal has, like you, a heart that feels. It knows, like you, the joy and the pain. The animal has, like you, its aspirations and a right to life.

Contribute, together we can roar louder!

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